Not all types of dings and dents are the same. So it only stands to reason that not all types of auto body repair are the same, either. 

There are several different types of auto body repairs that can be performed by the service team here at W&L Subaru Collision Center. Learn about those different types below, and schedule your service appointment to get your car looking like new again. 

Types of Auto Body Repair 

We have the state-of-the-art equipment to perform any of the following types of auto body repairs. And we don’t just fix Subarus, either. We can restore all makes and models back to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Scratches and paint jobs

Chips, nicks, and scratches are more than just an eyesore. Scratched or missing paint can leave the body of the car exposed to water, salt, and other elements that cause rust and corrosion

If a touch-up is needed to your paint job, our team will apply a high-grade primer and sealant to the damaged area and then follow that up with an eco-friendly base coat, which will then be reinforced with a clear, polyurethane finish. Last but not least, our team will polish it up to turn that scratch into a sparkle. 

If the scratch was not deep enough to penetrate the underlying metal, we’ll clear out the damaged coat of paint, level off the underlying layers of paint, and then buff the area to smooth off the surface. 

Collision repair

A collision often results in more than just a minor scratch to the paint job. For more serious damage, our technicians will order any necessary parts that need to be replaced, and then dismantle a section of the car to inspect for any structural or hidden damages. 

Any replacement parts will be installed, and your vehicle will be pieced back together. Lastly, painting, polishing, and detailing will be performed so that you’ll never know there was any damage done. 

Bumper repair

Sometimes, it’s the bumper that takes the brunt of the collision. While damage to the body of your car may have been mostly spared, your bumper could still be in disarray. 

Our team can repair and reshape a damaged bumper before touching it up with priming, sealing, and refinishing to restore it’s like-new look. If the bumper is not salvageable, we can order and install a new one for you. 

Glass and window repair

The body of your vehicle includes some glass, such as the windshield and other windows, mirrors, and light bulbs. Cracks and chips to windows and windshields can often be repaired by injecting an adhesive substance into the damaged area. Windows, windshields, mirrors, lightbulbs, and plastic casings for headlights, taillights, and turn signal lights can also be easily replaced by our team. 

Schedule Your Auto Body Repair in Northumberland, PA

Now that you have an idea of what kind of auto body repair you need — or even if you don’t — you can book a service appointment online or by calling us. At W&L Subaru Collision Center, we’ll put your auto body damage in the rearview mirror.