Every year, countless drivers get into minor fender benders. While the risk of getting injured is fairly low, that doesn’t mean you should treat the situation lightly. It’s crucial that you take the right steps to ensure your safety, that of your passengers, and any other people who may be involved. Here is a checklist of steps you should take:

1.       Stop

Never try to drive away from a fender bender, as this can lead to many legal issues down the road. You should stop and pull over along with the other involved drivers. Check yourself and your passengers to ensure that everyone is unharmed. Call the non-emergency police line to report the accident (if someone has been severely injured, call 911).

2.       Assess damage

Look at your car and see if any damage has been done. It’s important that you take pictures of the damage present to all the cars involved, as well as the scene of the accident.

3.       Exchange information

Exchange insurance information with the other drivers, and if there are witnesses present it helps to gather their names and numbers when possible. Avoid being confrontational. Most fender benders are simple accidents and keeping a level head will help everyone get through the situation safely.

4.       Avoid saying too much

Before the police arrive at the scene, do not speak with the other driver aside from exchanging insurance information and asking if they’re okay. You do not want to accidentally say something that may indicate that you’re at fault. The police will act as a neutral third-party.

5.       Speak with your insurance provider

You should call your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the accident. They will be better prepared for what follows and may also recommend a collision center to repair the damage; however, we advise finding a reputable bumper repair service that you are comfortable with.

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