Was your vehicle damaged, and you need car paint scratch repair, or do you simply want to change the aesthetic of your vehicle? Professional auto painting will let you get your vehicle back to looking its very best. But when is the time right to get your paint job worked on? 

When Is the Right Time of Year to Get Your Car Painted?

Generally, we recommend getting your vehicle painted in the autumn. The weather conditions that fall weather brings are often ideal for getting some painting done. Of course, if you need painting for your vehicle done at other times of the year, it can be done. It’s just that autumn weather is often perfect weather for the job.

Weather conditions and other factors can have a big impact on the quality of the finished project you get from your painting job. For instance, if the temperature is too cold, you might end up with tiny air bubbles in the paint. Painting during warm weather risks bugs getting into the paint and creating imperfections, while painting during windy weather can also negatively impact the paint job.

When Is the Right Time of Day to Get Your Car Painted?

Along with choosing the right time of the season to get your car paint repair or other painting for your vehicle done, choosing the right time of day is also important. Because of the low humidity and low amount of wind often experienced during this time of day, we recommend getting your paint job done in the late morning, well after sunrise.

What Is the Best Weather for Painting Your Car?

As we have seen, car paint jobs are influenced greatly by the weather. You want to get your vehicle painted at a time when relative humidity is at the right levels. A relative humidity reading of around 50% or lower will give you the fastest painting and curing results possible, helping to minimize the downtime that results from this project.

You also want to get your vehicle painted at a time when there is no rain in the forecast, as this can also have adverse effects on your results. Look for a date and time when there is minimal wind to disrupt the paint, and ensure the painting occurs in an enclosed area protected from the elements.

If you’re ready to freshen up your ride with a new paint job or need repairs after an accident, trust only a qualified professional. Our collision repair services will get your vehicle back to its best in no time at all. We’ll give your vehicle the expert care it needs to keep delivering quality driving for years to come. Schedule an appointment with our expert team at W&L Collision Center today for all your auto paint and repair needs.