How to Prevent and Repair Sun Damage 

Between potholes, debris, hail, and other hazards, there are plenty of exterior threats to your vehicle. But one that is too often overlooked is the one we generally welcome the most: the sun.

Sunlight can cause considerable damage to your car’s paint job, dashboard, seats, and other upholstery. Fortunately there are some easy ways to prevent sun damage and preserve the appearance of your car.

Tips for Preventing Sun Damage to Your Car

Below are some ways to prevent sun damage to your car along with how the team at our car paint shop can help restore any sun damage that has already occurred.

1. Park inside or in the shade

Try to park in a shaded area whenever possible. Opt for parking garages instead of street parking when in downtown areas. When at shopping centers or restaurants, find a tree to park under or park on the side of the building that is protected from the sun.

Not only will you keep harmful rays off your car, you’ll also keep the interior cool.

2. Use a windshield shade

A windshield shade is an easy way to keep the sun from damaging your dashboard and front seats. They fold up small and can be easily stored under a seat and it only takes a few seconds to put it over your windshield after parking.

3. Wax your car

A fresh coat of wax not only gives your car a little bit of shine but it also provides a protective coating that makes it more difficult for the sun’s rays to attack your paint job.

4. Install seat covers

Seat covers can protect your seats from cracks, peeling, and discoloration caused by the sun and are especially beneficial to those with leather seats. Plus, they can add a layer of comfort and temperature control.

5. Wash your car regularly

Bird droppings, dead bugs, road salt, and other grime that accumulates on your car contains acid and other contaminants that can erode protection and accelerate sun damage. Washing your car on a regular basis removes these particles and helps prevent the damaging combination from forming.

When Sun Damage Has Already Occurred

If your car has already suffered from sun damage, schedule an appointment with our auto paint shop to restore the look of your car. Whether it’s a minor touch up or a complete paint job, our team of experts serving the communities of Northumberland, Sunbury, Lewisburg and more can repair the sun damage to your car and get you out the door looking like new again.