Ways to Protect Your Subaru From the Elements

Summer is here which means drastic weather changes can occur at any moment. Continue reading to learn how you can protect your Subaru from the elements this summer.

How to Protect Your Car From the Elements

A Clean Car Is a Protected Car

The first line of defense in protecting your car from daily exposure to dirt, dust, pollen, sap, and salt is to schedule a regular car wash. It’s easy to underestimate the toll that these substances can have on your paint job. Whether you decide to utilize an automatic car wash or bring out the hose and buckets for a manual cleaning, it’s important to choose a soap that is free of detergents which can damage the paint. Once the car is clean, always apply a wax to protect your car’s exterior until your next car wash.

Minimize Exposure

Exposure to the sun, falling tree limbs, sap, bird droppings, and debris can wreak havoc on the exterior of your car. While there is no way to completely remove these elements from your daily life, there are steps you can take to minimize possible damage to your car.

While the best way to avoid exposure to the elements is to park your car in a garage, not everyone has this option. Whenever possible, find a parking space that is sheltered from the sun without parking underneath a tree since trees offer ample opportunity for birds and sap to redecorate the exterior of your car. Falling tree limbs are also a possibility, especially during unexpected wind or rain storms.

Seek Cover Whenever Possible

Weather has a way of sneaking up on you. If a sudden rainstorm or hailstorm occurs, seek cover immediately, not only for the safety of you and your passengers but for the safety of your car. If hail is a common nuisance where you live, then consider investing in a cover specifically designed to protect your car from hail. Mentally map out locations where you can quickly seek shelter if you are unable to return home. Hail is one of the most unpredictable and damaging elements you’ll need to look out for.

Repair Paint and Hail Damage in Northumberland, PA

No matter how well you prepare, there is always a risk for damages beyond your control. If your Subaru is damaged due to wind, hail, or other elements, come to W&L Subaru Collision Center so we can quickly correct the damages to the paint or exterior of the car before additional damage can occur. Give us a call or schedule your next appointment today.