Car paint can be easily damaged. Debris, weather, and car fluids are just a few of the things that can do a number on your paint job. And that’s not to mention fender benders or stray shopping carts. 

And when your car paint is chipped, scratched, or otherwise damaged, it’s important to have it repaired quickly so rust and corrosion don’t set in. W&L Collision Center is the preferred destination for car paint repair in Northumberland, PA. 

Our Paint Repair Process

Our team of experts will have your car shining like new with our 5-step paint repair process. 

  1. We’ll start by preparing your car’s panels for new paint. This may require removing existing paint and primer.
  2. Apply a high-grade primer and sealant to the treated area to create a protective layer for your new paint. 
  3. Follow up with an eco-friendly base coat that will give the final product a glossy finish.
  4. Reinforce the base coat with a clear, polyurethane coat for better rust resistance and chip protection. 
  5. Polish the car with a uniform finish. 

Even if there’s no real damage to your current paint job and you just want to touch it up like new, we can do that too. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have Car Paint Repaired

Even minor damage to a car’s paint can cause major trouble down the road. Paint provides the body with a layer of protection and when paint gets chipped away, the raw metal of the body can be exposed to the elements. When the metal from a car’s body comes into contact with moisture or salt, rust happens. And once rust begins, it can spread across your car and cause unsightly rust spots while jeopardizing the safety and integrity of certain parts. 

Request Car Paint Repair in Northumberland, PA

We make it easy to request an estimate right from your own home. And when you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you can do so by filling out our online form or giving us a call.  

Don’t get detoured by damage to your paint job. Come to W&L Collision Center on Water Street in Northumberland, PA, where our car paint repair service can have your car shining anew.