As winter starts making its way here, it’s important that vehicle owners take the necessary precautions to protect their vehicles from the elements. If you want to avoid having the snow and ice cause problems with your car, then we highly recommend you check out these tips for winterizing your vehicle:

1. Install winter windshield wipers

Ice can collect on your windshield and your wipers, which can severely affect your driving ability. In order to ensure you can keep your vision clear on the road, it’s recommended that you install specialized winter windshield wipers, which have rubber components that prevent ice accumulation. Just remember to remove these wipers by springtime, or else they can put an excessive strain on your wiper motor.

2. Keep your gas tank at least half full

There are numerous reasons to keep your gas tank semi-full at all times, especially during the winter. For one, the more fuel there is in the tank, the less likely it is that condensation will gather, which can effectively prevent your gas lines from freezing. Also, if you get stranded in the snow, you may want to keep your engine running so that you can stay warm while help arrives.

3. Mount winter tires

Driving in the winter can be very dangerous, but one way to reduce the chances of an accident is to install winter tires. On standard tires, the rubber compounds can harden in extremely low temperatures, which can lead to a decrease in traction and potentially cause your car to skid on the road. Winter tires are specially designed to resist this hardening, thus providing much better traction over a variety of surfaces, such as sleet, snow, and slush.

4. Check your rear-window defroster

While your front windshield should always be kept clear of any snow or ice while you drive, you shouldn’t forget about the back window. Check that your rear-window defroster and your rear windshield wipers are in working order before hitting the road.

Winterize Your Car in Shamokin Dam, PA

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