Winter weather can take a toll on a car’s exterior, and when conditions thaw out, the effects become especially noticeable. 

A spring cleaning at W&L Collision Center can help with post-winter wear and tear and get your car ready to shine for summer. Below are just a few of the ways the winter season can affect the cosmetics of your vehicle and how we can help. 

Sun damage

A lot of people like to park their car in the sun during winter to keep it thawed out. But extended time in the sun can cause your car’s paint job to oxidize, which fades the color and peels paint away from the base layer. 

Our car paint repair restores the color to your car by reinforcing the base layer coat, color matching and applying the finish and polishing it all off to have it looking like new again. 

Salt erosion

Salting the roads makes for safer cars, but also for more eroded ones. The salt and brine used to prevent icing on the roads gets kicked up by your tires, accumulates on the body and eats away at your paint job

Our technicians can repair erosion by sanding away the damage and applying fresh primer and paint to your car. 

Wind damage

Wind itself is rather harmless to your vehicle. But the tiny particles of sand and other debris that’s carried with it can cause scratches that not only affect the cosmetics of your car but can also lead to future erosion if left untreated. 

Our car paint shop can buff these scratches right out, touch up the areas with a fresh coat and have you on your way. 

Hail damage

A hail storm can really do a number on your car and leave numerous small dents all over the hood and roof. Our highly-trained and experienced team can use metalworking, body filler and repainting to smooth out these dents and restore the surface of your vehicle. 

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