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What should I do after a car accident? How do I find an auto collision repair near me that I can trust? These are questions we all need to know the answers to. The most important steps are to remain calm, assess for injuries, and find an auto body shop with collision expertise.

5 Steps To Take Immediately After a Car Accident

1. Injuries

If you’re injured and unable to drive safely, stay put, and ask someone to call for help. If you are okay, ask any passengers if they’ve sustained injuries. If they have, call for medical assistance immediately.

2. Safe Location

No matter how large or small the accident is, it’s essential you stay at the scene and remain calm. Look at your vehicle and see if it’s safe to drive. If it is, move your car off of the road where you’ll be safe.

3. Collect Information

For legal reasons, avoid discussing fault with anyone at the scene of the accident. Do not blame anyone or speculate on the cause of the accident. Instead, calmly collect information. When the police arrive, ask that they make an accident report and confirm how you can get a copy.

4. Medical Treatment

If you get medical treatment, collect information about your care. You may need it later for insurance or legal reasons.

5. Tow Truck

A tow truck may seem to randomly appear at the site of an accident, but you don’t have to use it. There have been cases of unsolicited tow trucks taking advantage of car accident victims. You may need to move your car right away, but you have time to search for a quality auto collision center you can trust.

Once you find a reputable collision center, ask for a tow truck recommendation. Verify credentials when they arrive and be clear about where your car is going.

How To Find an Experienced Auto Collision Repair Shop

A lot of work goes into repairing a vehicle so it’s like the accident never happened. Find a shop with expertly trained collision technicians who use state-of-the-art technology in their repair work. A good shop will be patient, answer your questions about the repair process, and offer you quotes.

They will also work to repair vehicles to the manufacturer’s specifications. The best collision centers will have technicians focused on completing scratch repair, new paint jobs, and bumper repair. They’ll also be prepared to offer you loaner cars.

At W&L Collision Center, our team has worked closely with clients to learn what they need after an accident. We’ll be there for you with compassion and timely customer service to help you recover quickly. Request an estimate from W&L Collision Center today to start the repair process.