Washing your vehicle is the first step to maintaining your car’s fresh look. We know car care is not always easy to stay on top of, so we’ve prepared a few quick tips to make washing your car more efficient and effective. Continue reading to find our helpful tips and visit our page to schedule service with W&L Subaru Collision Center with any further questions. 

Washing Your Car: The Easy and Effective Way

Tip 1: Use a soap specifically made for cars with a soft sponge

Hand or dish soap are not designed for vehicles and can damage the paint on your car. These soaps can erode the protective wax on your car and dull your car’s paint finish. Instead, use a cleaner made for cars, which will apply more gently to your vehicle’s paint. Use a large, soft sponge or a lamb’s-wool mitt to apply soap suds. 

Use a separate sponge to clean your car’s tires, as dirt will likely stain this sponge, and you’ll want to keep it from travelling to other parts of your car. If soap and water don’t successfully get all the debris off your wheels, use a wheel cleaner, but make sure it’s safe for all wheels. 

Tip 2: Rinse off your car before beginning the washing process

Rinse off all surfaces of your car with water to allow loose dirt to get off of the vehicle before you begin to wash it. If you do not remove dirt and debris at this time, debris can leave behind scratches when you scrub at them with your sponge. After rinsing the entire car off, wash and rinse the car off in sections, starting at the top and working your way down and around your car. 

Be sure to rinse your sponge frequently while you wash and keep a bucket for rinsing separate from your bucket of sudsy soap, in order to keep dirt from mixing with the soap. 

Tip 3: Dry your car with a chamois or soft towel 

Once done washing, dry your vehicle with a chamois or soft terry towel to absorb excess water and keep from scratching your vehicle’s paint. You can also use a soft squeegee to absorb and blot up water from the car. This way, you will avoid watermark stains on your car.

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The first step to maintain a newly-painted look starts with washing your car often and knowing the right approaches to do so, which is why we believe routine car washes are so important. Visit us today for services appointments or any further questions.