Looking for auto scratch repair but wondering if your insurance policy will help you cover the costs? Bumper scratch repair and car paint scratch repair are necessary after an accident, so it’s important to know what coverage options are available. Check out the advice from the experts at our body shop below, so you know what to do next time you need car scratch repair.

Car insurance policies will cover scratches on your vehicle as long as the scratch resulted from a type of damage covered under your insurance policy. For instance, if the scratch happened due to a collision, the damage will be covered under a collision insurance policy. However, insurance policies typically don’t cover scratches that result from general wear and tear.

How Bumper Scratch Repair Works

Our experts specialize in scratch repair, making the process convenient and efficient to minimize the downtime you experience. The exact steps taken to fix the aesthetic damage depend on the severity of the scratch. For minor scratches, leveling paint layers and buffing out the area is sufficient to get the vehicle back to looking its best. For more serious scratches that involve a dent, body fillers and repainting are often needed.

Why You Should Get Car Scratch Repair Right Away

Because it’s vital for insurance purposes to show where the scratch came from, you must get repairs immediately. This will provide clear documentation of the damage so you can provide a stronger claim to your insurance provider.

In addition, getting repairs promptly will help to prevent the problem from getting any worse. Scratches could spread or deepen from further contact if you don’t get the initial damage patched up promptly. You could also risk water infiltrating the body of the vehicle through the opening the scratch provides, leading to rust on the metal layers of your vehicle’s body. Get the scratch repaired quickly to avoid this potentially costly problem.

Get Auto Scratch Repair at Our Body Shop

Want more information on scratch repair and what your insurance policy may or may not cover? Our experts are happy to answer any questions and help you get your vehicle back to its best. Schedule an appointment with W&L Collision Center today.