cleaning off a windshield covered in snow

When most drivers think of the hazards that pose a risk to their car, it’s usually potholes, debris, and other vehicles that come to mind. What often is overlooked though is winter weather. 

Cold air and moisture can wreak havoc on a car, and it’s important to winterize your car every year to minimize your risk. 

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Increase Your Washes

The body of your car accumulates salt and sludge in the winter months, which can eat away at the paint and even the body itself. Increase the frequency of your car washes during winter so those harmful substances don’t stick around long enough to do any damage. 


Give your car a fresh coat of wax at the beginning of winter and again at least once more before the season is through. A layer of wax helps water roll off the surface of your car and prevents harmful buildups of moisture.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades have to work harder in the winter as moisture can harden in the cold temperatures. When wiper blades get worn, they begin to leave tiny scratches on your windshield. Replace them with a fresh set so the water is swept away clean without damaging the glass. 

Keep it Covered

If at all possible, park your car in a garage during winter. At the very least, use a car cover to protect it from moisture and hail, and try not to park in the street where it will be a target for salt and sludge from passing vehicles.

Also, many people assume that sun damage isn’t much of a risk during winter. But in fact, snow reflects over 90 percent of sunlight and causes UV rays to be highly dangerous to your car’s paint job during winter months. 

Brush Properly

Hard scrapers and brushes can knock off more than just the snow and ice. They can also chip away at your paint. Use a soft-bristled brush or a snow removal broom with a foam head for a gentler way of removing the snow but leaving the paint. 

Schedule a Touchup in Northumberland, PA

The best way to escape winter with a perfect paint job is to enter it with one. The auto paint shop at W&L Collision Center can have your vehicle looking good as new with a paint touchup or total repair. 
Request an estimate online and let us help you prepare your car for the winter ahead.