If you’ve invested a lot of money in your car, then you want to make sure it looks nice. Unfortunately, one of the most common things that can happen to a car is that it can have its paint chipped or scratched, which can significantly damage its overall value. That’s why it’s important for car owners to know how to keep their vehicles safe and protected. Here are five ways to protect your car’s paint job.

1. Park in a covered structure

One of the best ways to keep your car’s paint from being damaged is by keeping it under a covered structure as often as possible. Whether it’s an enclosed garage, or simply a canopy, keeping your car under some type of structure can keep your car’s paint from fading due to the sun’s rays. It can also assist with keeping rain, hail, sleet, and other inclement weather from causing chips.

2. Get a car cover

If you’re unable to protect your car within a covered structure, or you simply want to add an extra layer of shielding, you can invest in a car cover. This can provide an extra barrier against things like bird droppings and tree sap, which can damage car paint jobs.

3. Quickly clean off bird droppings

Not only are bird droppings disgusting and unsightly, but the longer they’re left sitting on a surface, the harder they are to remove. Once the droppings are caked onto the paint, you may have to get aggressive with removing them, and that can easily cause the paint to peel. If you spot droppings on your car, clean them off right away.

4. Wax your car

Waxing doesn’t just make your car look shiny and new; it also assists with protecting the paint. Experts recommend that you wax your car at least once every three months, whether you do it on your own or you have a professional take care of it.

5. Park at a distance

When some people open their own car doors, they may open them too wide, which can cause them to accidentally ding the cars next to them. If you’re worried about damage incurred by other car owners, then you should try parking at a distance from other cars whenever possible.

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