Ice and snow get all the attention when discussing winter driving conditions, but perhaps the biggest threat to your car is actually the thing used to combat those wintery substances: salt.

Salt causes considerable damage to the body, paint and undercarriage of a vehicle. The properties in salt create chemical reactions that acclerate rust and corrosion and can leave a car with cosmetic blemishes while shortening its life on the road. 

Fortunately there are a few things you can do. Below are five ways to deal with salt damage from winter. 

How to Protect Your Car From Road Salt

1. Wax

Wax provides a layer of protection for your car’s exterior and can limit the degree to which salt comes into contact with the paint. Apply a fresh coat of wax in the late fall just before salt begins to hit the road for winter. 

2. Keep your tires clean

Much of the salt that touches your car gets there by being kicked up from your tires. This is especially true for your undercarriage. Give your tires periodic rinse-offs throughout the winter to avoid any salt accumulations that will eventually end up on your car. 

3. Wash your car yourself

A lot of professional car washes use repurposed water, which means the water touching your car was the same water that rinsed off a previous car. And if that car was covered in salt, the water now hitting your car might contain traces of salt that were not filtered out during the recycling process. Use your own water or wintertime car washes. 

4. Drive easy

You should certainly be taking it easier around corners in the wintertime to avoid any loss of control. But avoiding sharp cornering and quick accelerations can also limit the amount of salt splashing onto your car. 

5. Avoid driving right before or after a snowstorm

It may not always be possible of course, but try to avoid driving immediately before or after a snowstorm whenever possible. These are the times that the road will be the saltiest. 

Let W&L Subaru Collision Center Help

Spring is a good time to perform cosmetic touch-ups and W&L Subaru Collision Center in Northumberland, PA, is a great place to do it. Our auto paint shop can restore any winter salt damage and apply a protective layer of primer and sealant to help prepare for the summer sun. 

Schedule your appointment with us today so wintertime driving doesn’t leave you feeling salty about your car’s condition.