We’ve all returned to our car in the parking lot only to find an ugly, fresh scratch. While frustrating, most of us know that scratches can be easily repaired. But what many people aren’t aware of are the many ways in which you can prevent them from happening in the first place.

Below are five easy ways to prevent scratches in your car along with one simple solution for the scratches you can’t avoid. 

Be mindful of where you park

Try to avoid parking next to cars that are sloppily parked. Cars that are not well-aligned in their parking spot may be closer to your vehicle and more likely to reach it with an open door. And if the driver was that careless with their own car, they are likely to be just as negligent about yours. 

Consider parking in an empty area of the lot and enjoying the extra exercise.  

Wash your car properly 

When not done correctly, washing your car can do more harm than good as the wrong products or technique can create tiny scratches or “swirl marks” in your paint job. Learn how to properly wash your car in a way that won’t scratch the surface. 

Refrain from placing objects on your car 

We’ve all done it. You’re carrying a bunch of items to your car and need to free up your hand to open the door. So you place an item or two on top of your car momentarily. But this is a good way to scratch your car. If you need to set something down to dig out your keys or open the door, set it on the ground. 

Be careful with how you remove snow or leaves

People often don’t even think twice about using an ice scraper or the sleeve of their coat to wipe away snow or leaves from their car. But the process of removing unwanted debris can also add unsightly scratches. Use a leaf blower, snow broom, or brush instead. 

Use a ceramic coating

A paint job with a ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection against minor scratches as well as damage from hail and moisture. 

How to Fix Scratches You Can’t Prevent

No matter how careful you are, it’s almost inevitable your vehicle will suffer a scratch at some point. And when it does, the scratch repair services at W&L Subaru Collision Center can get your paint job looking like new again. We can even repair any dents that were made along with the scratch.

Schedule a service appointment today to scratch the surface of what’s possible with W&L.